Personal Reflection

Self-reflection is the school of wisdom-Baltasar Gracian

My partner was more excited than usual last weekend. I observed that he spoke with his high school classmate for hours. Without any interruption or questioning, he decided to “gist” me what they were talking about- their youthful experience both good and bad. The era of a boarding house in Nigerian high schools. Some of the boarding houses were a house of terror controlled by what we know today, as terrorists. The two friends reflection reminds me of the art of gratefulness, perseverance, and forgiveness!

Two helpful ways for personal reflection:

  1. Let go of the “bad” and focus on the “good” experience. How? Replace your negative experience with anything positive in your life. Are you alive and healthy? Are you reading this post on social media? Alternatively, are you working on a new project or an idea?
  2. Sincere personal reflection involves looking inward and questioning oneself. How? Examine the lessons from your past experiences and create a plan to move forward to help yourself and others. I believe every experience counts in the life of everyone. We learn from our experiences what to do and what NOT to do.

If you continue to struggle with letting go of your 10-30 years negative experience and it makes you sick or less productive, seek professional help. I recommend a psychotherapist you like or admire for childhood trauma and a specialty coach for any improvement or a change in your life.

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