About us


With organization comes empowerment – Lynda Peterson

Organizing is my passion. I enjoy putting things together- puzzling, gardening, cooking, writing, and designing/sewing. I love and enjoy writing and reading. I blog monthly and currently, working on a book.

I believe everyone can find something “good” in every situation or learn what NOT to do. I look for and find a diamond in peoples and places. My passion, organizing is my business, which started as one of the skills I taught and coached clients in my Social Work/Coaching private practice. My experience with many clients show organized space can increases productivity, focus, and decreases stress and non-clinical anxiety!

I hold MSW/NYS Social Work License and worked in the profession for more than two decades. I am a caretaker of a young woman and man. They are my free continuing education for life!

I am here to listen to understand before we partner to organize your space and life. Call or text now 914.200.3501