Keep Growing -1

Take Care Of You

Social distancing forces many people to stay home, work or school at home. Some people have extra hours for reflection and relaxation.

What more can you do with the extra hours?


Your closet, bedroom, and home office. Look over your email, texts messages, and website .

How do you start? Do one project per day. For example, your closet. Take everything out of the closet. Pick all the things you don’t need or want. Take them to your basement or garage for donation. Look over again and pick all the things you have not used for 2 years. Put them in a box and label “donation” for next year this time. Take a break. Hang your clothing neatly. Keep growing!

Delete and Update

Delete irrelevant emails and text messages. Create file for each ongoing and upcoming project. Update your website and social media site.

Keep growing -ll next week!