Good order is the foundation of all things - Edmund Burke

Your Lifestyle Organizer!

Your style matters, Your life matters more!

We simplify individuals, families, groups/businesses’ lifestyle by assisting them to focus on what they love and enjoy! We are here to help you achieve your lifestyle goal.

about us


With organization comes empowerment – Lynda Peterson

I enjoy putting things together- puzzling, gardening, cooking, designing/sewing, writing, and organizing. I love and enjoy writing and reading. I blog monthly and currently, working on a book.

our services

Organized life brings freedom - Bee

Residential and Commercial Organizing/Consulting
  • Residential organizing- kitchen, closet, bathroom, basement, playroom, library, media room, home office, pantry, and others.
  • Commercial organizing: Corporate packing and unpacking, executive offices, showrooms, storage rooms, reception area, clothing shop, small business offices.
  • Organizing for students move in and out of college’s dormitory.
  • Weekly or monthly organizing for students or any individual who learn differently!
  • Home decoration/holiday shopping consulting.
  • Wardrobe and clothing rental consultant.
Real Estate Organizing

“Your home is a living space, not a storage space.” Francine Jay

  • Organized homes and businesses for sale or before showing.
  • Downsizing and pre-moved organizing/management.
  • Match you with a home that meets your lifestyle- Renting, buying, and leasing, and investing in apartments and houses.

our blogs

Keep Growing -1

Take Care Of You Social distancing forces many people to...

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a personal choice. If you have ever hired a dry cleaner or a cleaning service, or eat in a restaurant, then try an organizer. Our service is for all people and businesses from all walks of life. An organizer saves your time, energy, and money. Importantly, you can learn how to organize your space and life in a more efficient way.

It depends on what you want or desire. One client wants all clothing 5 years and above to be donated and replace with new ones.

  1. Client B wants his closet to be arranged weekly.
  2. Client C wants all clothing to be sorted out based on designers and colors.
  3. The last Client G wants her business be located with the help of an organizer. Please see the service menus for our services. We listen to our clients and offer a service they want and can afford.

Make an appointment in our calendar and we will get back with you within 24 hours.

This is a very important question. We do not take all the projects. We listen to understand and find out why you want our service. We partner with you to decide if we can work together. Organizing a personal space is a serious decision. We take this decision seriously and respect your time and ours.

  1. Free 15 minutes telephone consultation.
  2. $129-$159 for 30 minutes Home or business observation/listening.
  3. Make a plan to start a job or not. $129 -$159 is only refundable if you hire us.